Wooden Snowman Shapes

wooden snowman 4.5cm image
Snowman 4.5cm

A great set of wooden snowmen craft shapes. Solid wood, great for christmas present tags and loads more.

wooden snowman 7cm image
Snowman 7cm

Larger wooden snowmen craft shapes. These are just brilliant, lots of festive fun for you xmas projects.

wooden snowman 10.2cm image
Wooden Snowman 10.2cm

Want an even bigger wooden snowman? Here you go! Brilliant wooden cutouts for all your Christmas projects.

wooden snowman stickers image
Snowman stickers
Wooden snowmen stickers. Ready painted with great designs. Fantastic vlaue and loads of uses.
wooden xmas snowmen tags 5.5cm

Four rather smart snowmen gift tags. Great for presents and on the old xmas tree. Each has a hook for hanging. Cool!!

We can drill holes in most of our wooden shapes. Just click on the image and order the number of holes you need.











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